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Som (সোম)
Weird weather patterns
People have been talking about clear skies and stuff, but I've been noticing other strange things as well which do not sync with this time of the year.

At my place, May is the very peak of the merciless Indian summer when temperatures soar to 42°C or more, interspersed by violent tropical thunderstorms on some evenings. The latter have been growing increasingly rare in the last two decades but not this year. It's been overcast for last ten days with rather frequent thunderstorms. It's very humid but not quite as hot as it usually is.

Now I have a lily pond in my garden which fairly brims with tadpoles in the monsoon months - the wet season here from mid June to September with heavy rains. At that time the nocturnal chorus of mating calls of frogs is easily the most audible thing. The frogs in turn attract snakes, mostly non venomous.

In 2019 winter I had therefore put in some small catfish to clean up the tadpoles this year but apparently that doesn't deter their parents. Last three nights have been alive with frog chorus and I've been seeing snakes as well as their new hatchlings. This would have been quite normal in July or August but certainly not in May. It all starts with the rains and I guess the thunderstorms have to do with the much reduced pollution levels.

Peak monsoons are also the times when herds of wild elephants sometimes descend from their sanctuary parks in the local Dalma ranges into the fringes of the city at night. That hasn't happened yet, but I won't be surprised if foxes start showing up at night as they used to a decade ago. Today I also saw yet another untimely monsoon sight: swarms of winged ants flying around the lights and dying off by thousands.

Have you too noticed such unusual things?
May 4, 2020 2:22 PM
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That's fantastic Som, I live in a village near Reinosa and I usually go there to buy some food or items that I need. Problably you know that here we are surrounded of nature. It usually snows in winter, but the last years it hardly snows, Meaby the climate change is here.
May 4, 2020
In some village of Spain we have seen wolfs since the quarantine started. But usually there aren't attacks to people directly. Sometimes they attack to the flocks of sheeps. Many ranchers complain about that.
May 4, 2020
I'm living in a suburb and currently I hear birds as if I'm in a remote forest. It's gorgeous.
The color of the sky I also different, more intense.
I hope I won't see wolves when I will be alllowed to go in the forest next week!!
And the air is so fresh and full of pleasant smelts.
May 4, 2020
It is normal for the seasons to change by a month or two from time to time whether by mankind's interference or not and Covid-19 local and global lockdowns or not.
However bird migrations over the past forty to fifty years have been a continuing mystery to scientists. Why do we not see certain birds flocking and swarming over the same skies and cities or city centres that we used to. Yet in many cases their numbers have not decreased globally; they just seemed to have stopped their annual flights to warmer climates in the winter. Is this because the temperatures are more similar there is not such a big difference that affects survival? is it to do with mankind changing their aerial map when viewed from above, annual landmarks are bulldozed away? or is it because of insecticides killing off insects? Or is it because we are interfering with their inbuilt magnetic compasses with radio and other waves? Is it because farmers have removed the meadows where they used to stop for a flight change halfway through their migrations? (like we have stopovers on a long distance flight), is it because humans feed them wherever they are? (so there is no survival need to fly off on a holiday), is it because we have made them lazy and obsess like us? or is it all of these things or a combination of one or more for each migratory bird?
May 4, 2020
Sorry I am new in italki. I am from Spain and as well as you, we are noticing some extrange behaviour in nature. In som cities people have seen a deer or other savage animals crossing the streets.

May 4, 2020
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Som (সোম)
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