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English. Define the layer of the underlined units. Can someone help me? Please

Define the layer of the underlined units. Be as specific as possible.

1.      If manners maketh man, then manner and grooming maketh poodle.
2.      ―Though  art  the  Man‖,  cried  Jabes,  after  a  solemn  pause,  leaning  over  his cushion. ―Seventy times didst thou gapingly contort thy visage – seventy times seven did I take council with my soul. Brethren – execute upon him the judgement written.‖
3.      Riding back I saw the Greeks lined up in column of march. All armed. They were wearing their short tunics. Now they had on corselets or cuirasses, helmets and their round shields hung at their backs.
4.      ―You know Brooklyn?‖
―No. I was never there. But I had a buddy at Myer was from Brooklyn.‖
5.      ―What‘s the dif,‖ he wanted to know.
6.      ―Here are we now! Don‘t look so miz!‖

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