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Please help me to check this ielts speaking topic
Describe an important journey that was delayed.
Why was it important
What caused the delay
What happened at the end
Describe what caused the delay
Today, I am going to talk about one time I was delayed when I tried to come back China from America. I was trying to come back home for spring festival which is very important holiday for Chinese. My transport was airplane to come back, but they delayed due to the bad weather. The airplane should take off at morning, but the heavy fog stopped them to take off, so they just waited it to clear for 10 hours, so I had to stay at the airport sleepover, they did nothing for compensation, and I even ate my breakfast in airport too. I went home by the same airplane in the end. It’s a unforgettable memorial for me.
May 4, 2020 3:59 PM
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