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Native English Speaker Looking to Chat
Hey everyone! My name is Meg and I'm a native English speaker with basic ASL fluency and minimal Spanish. I am a linguistics major and I'm interested in learning first hand from people of different cultures about their languages. Let me know if you're open to chat on Skype to practice your English and talk about your native language.

Thanks and stay safe!
2020년 5월 4일 오후 5:38
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Hello Megan!!!

I'm an Arabic teacher for foregheners, living in Spain. I would like to do language exchang with you.
2020년 5월 4일
Hi, my name is Jorge and I'm interested in a language exchange. We can talk 30 mins Spanish and then switch to English. Send me a message if you are interested! Bye bye!
2020년 5월 4일
Hi Megan, my name is Alex and I am from Portugal. Currently, I am preparing for an English Proficiency Exam, so talking with a native would go a long way. I can teach portuguese in return... If you're interested, just let me know.
2020년 5월 4일
Hi meg! I’m From Dominican Republic but I live in New York City. My native language is Spanish but I need practice my English I’m new in the city. I scared when I speak with people and I want to practice.
2020년 5월 4일
I don’t want to bother you. I want to improve my speaking English ability by speak with someone. Would you like to talk with me? 
Thank you
2020년 5월 4일
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