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Some people think that it is beneficial to travel abroad, but others think it is unnecessary because we have the internet and TV. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The discussion about whether or not deriving benefit from travelling to foreign countries should be understood as a significant phenomenon in today's complex society raises a thorny question. Although there are several arguments in favour of people who underestimate travelling abroad due to the presence of the internet and TV, I completely believe that people should focus on visiting different countries.

There are several reasons why it is utterly incorrect for people to go abroad in terms of the internet and TV. First and foremost, it could be argued that surfing the internet and watching TV could possibly bring about access to the globe. That is to say, the internet along with TV is enough for people to get plenty of information about places in the world. For example, there are wide ranges of TV programs which enable people to get to know various countries. These resources are quite sufficient to learn anything about the different areas in the world. However, it can be agreed that seeing a place on the Tv is not the same as going to places of interests.

Despite the above arguments, I tend to believe that people ought to seek benefit from making a journey. The initial point would be that a tour would probably cause people to get to know varied places in more depth. In other words, taking a journey may definitely assist to determine distinct cultures of that spot, learn something about their customs, as well as fauna and flora. There is a saying that, the more you visit, the more you can learn. Today it is possible to travel every corner of the globe by diverse transportation means. Planes are prime examples, people can get cheap charter flights to go far off destinations of the world.

In conclusion, despite some people substantiate that the internet and TV have positive sides in terms of learning useful information about multiple places, I am inclined to consider that the pros of travelling outnumber the cons.

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May 5, 2020 1:54 AM
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