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Learning languages
Hello language learners!:)
I wonder whether knowing any foreign language can improve your life?
Does it give you advantages at work or study?
Has your life changed after you started speaking a new language? How?
I’ll be really grateful if you share your experience and views on the topic😊
May 5, 2020 2:08 AM
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English is a requirement for many jobs or, at least, the employers will appreciate it. I'd say it's the case almost all over the world. In my case, I won't lie, I'm learning English mainly because it's highly appreciated within the working market, but also because I think it broadens your horizons. When you learn a new language, you will also learn about a new culture, it enriches your life. By the beginning of the year, I enrolled in a German course, it's currently suspended because of the COVID-19, it's pretty difficult but I'm trying to learn at least one word everyday till the classes start again. Learning a language can be very distracting and, in times like these, it's valuable.
May 5, 2020
As someone who comes from IT field , I would say english is a success key for me..
Without english I wouldn't get my first job..
May 5, 2020
As I know english, I can now read any book in english and watch any movie/series without subtitles as not all books/movies/series are translated in greek (my mother tongue).
May 5, 2020
Learning foreign language is quite helpful for me.As a mechanical engineer , I search for the articles and learn design programmes.I lived in different countries for doing internship ,as an environmental volunteer and exchange student.If I wouldn't know any foreign language I could do none of them :)
May 5, 2020
Yes it improves my life work wise. Also it’s never to bad to learn a new language you just might not know where the world takes you
May 5, 2020
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