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ジェイシー (Jaycee)
How do you set up language goals?
Part of learning a language on your own or with teachers is being able to set personal goals for yourself to achieve in your target language. How do you set up your goals?
May 5, 2020 3:17 AM
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Hi Jaycee,

Excellent question!

I'm learning French and my goals are here and in order:

1) Be able to introduce myself and include simple background info (age, hometown, occupation)
2) Learn numbers and colors
3) Learn useful/every-day-use verbs and nouns and get comfortable conjugating them
4) Learn and be able to express the time, weather, seasons, and times of the day/month/year
5) Learn how to communicate your favorites and preferences
6) Be able to express opinions
7) Always work to improve listening and comprehension from a native speaker, film, music, media, tv, etc.
***Goal: Be able to get around in an immersion situation

And compliment your learning to your language learning journey.
If you're an audible learner, incorporate more listening and dialogue.
If you're a visual learner, watch videos with captions or subtitles, write down everything concerning the language and what you are learning, etc.
If you're a tactile learner, lol I'm not sure how to apply this to language learning haha - touch a globe or a map every day?? lol
May 5, 2020
ジェイシー (Jaycee)
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