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How to answer without panic in a time-limited speaking test?
I am going to take the TOFEL ibt test several weeks later. I learn English as a foreign language and the speaking section wore me up! I got trouble speaking clearly and smoothly when I am under the pressure of time. I will become very nervous and stutter a lot. Are there any ways to improve the situation? Or the attitude I should have when facing the difficulties?
5. Mai 2020 07:05
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That happens not because you don't have enough skills to pass the test but because your self confidence is low. It maybe worth your while to introspect on what exactly you are afraid of. Once you know that, you can do an objective risk assessment of you fear coming true (likelihood and impact). Most often it serves to show that what you were afraid of isn't that big a deal, and so it restores your confidence.
5. Mai 2020
This is probably going to sound weird but... you could try to imagine you're a native English speaker who is suffering from partial linguistic amnesia. Like it's your native language but you've forgotten some words/expressions because of the amnesia. Then just speak. This approach has helped me immensely. I can't put my finger on it, but somehow make-believing it's my mother tongue which I have just partially forgotten gives me a confidence boost and I just stop worrying about making mistakes or stuttering.
5. Mai 2020
Take notes, and practice. Watch a youtube video and then write notes on what you heard, give yourself a couple of seconds to organize your thoughts, and then record yourself explaining what you understood from the conversation within a few seconds. Tofel test is more about time management than language skills in my opinion.
5. Mai 2020
Just wll get success, its just a language not rocket science.
5. Mai 2020
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