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For those that live outside of the US, when was the last time or have you ever visited the US?
Tell me what you want to see in the US, if you've never been here.
Tell me about your experience visiting the US, if you have been here.
2020년 5월 5일 오후 1:12
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Last time?.. Guantánamo.... Wait that was Cuba.
2020년 5월 21일
I've only seen two airports in transit.

Should Trumpovia recover into a democracy I'd like to see Yellowstone and some of the other amazing natural features. I'm not a big fan of citylife, but might visit New York and New Orleans for a couple of days each.
2020년 5월 7일
Adam I have relatives in Australia too. My grandma's sister lives there.
2020년 5월 8일
I am in the same situation as @Aud for a different reason my trip to New York at/on this easter was cancelled when all inbound flights were cancelled by the US. I probably would have just not shown up for the two flights one to Onslow and then to New York, when London become the epicentre of the current virus before New York became infected, just to be responsible, but Donald Trump made the decision for me anyway. Now the two airlines who at first sent me an email to say my money would be refunded, then abruptly changed their minds and are now refusing, their websites and call centres are on automatic COVID-19 auto response. If I don't get a refund then I have no chance of making that expensive trip ever again. I am not complaining many people are similarly affected. But I cannot and will not except a voucher where I might have to pay extra money if they then say the new flight is going to cost more; especially when the voucher will expire very soon and so will my entry visa. Nobody knows when other countries will open up to tourism and to what extent and how welcome all tourists will be by all nationals in any nation or city; apart from that I would like to see all of America but I do not drive and realistically one trip will be all I was or will be able to afford.
2020년 5월 7일
Would have liked to see California, national parks and mountains in the western part of the country. But I wasn't granted a visa, so my plans moved from being plans to being a distant daydream.
2020년 5월 7일
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