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Accessing Messages
This is another one of those 'is it just me or . .' questions. Much of the time I find that I cannot load the Messages page, which just appears blank. Other strange things also sometimes occur.

Does anyone else have the same problem with Messages ?
5 May 2020 15:14
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When I get the issue, most of the time I can rectify it by putting the focus back on the address bar and pressing Enter.

This reloads the page. It seems to be handled differently than just clicking the Refresh / Reload button.
24 Temmuz 2020
Why did this discussion show up at the top of the discussions for me and it looked like a new discussion.
It was only after I made the latest comment that I noticed I had made a comment previously
24 Temmuz 2020
I experienced the same thing. In addition, you cannot send files easily.
23 Temmuz 2020
It's good, in a way, to know I'm not alone !

@Alice Did you get a reply from the technicians ?
@ Nikola Yes, I've had those error messages as well.
@ John You seem to have suffered a severe form of this affliction. As you say, it seems that they're constantly
working on the site in situ which seems to be interfering with normal function.
@Tom Yes, it just seems random - sometimes it works, sometimes not. I tried double clicking on the Italki logo . .
and I got my profile !
@Надежда You too ! I haven't tried F5 yet, but I do sometimes get the "Network disconnected" message.
@Beth You've hit the nail on the head ! I wonder whether they know the dictum 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.
5 Mayıs 2020
In past I didn't have an access to my private messages that were older than 6 month or so. That was the italki policy. Now I can see much older messages, but it seems that not all persons I have contacted. They are changing their policies, in my opinion. In Profile -> Settings -> Privacy a button "Download my public data" has appeared. On clicking on it you will have pdf-document, containing data from your profile, your settings, and statistics, but not all that you ever published on italki, and that still stays publicly. That's a missing in policy, I think.
27 Temmuz 2020
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