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"jealous" vs "envious"
I'm curious - how many people know the difference between the two, disregarding the increasing number of people (native speakers and language learners [and tutors, as it were]) using them synonymously?

Can you define them (without looking them up in a dictionary first!)?

Thank you, @Som, for removing the correct responses again! :)
May 5, 2020 6:21 PM
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Perhaps, being jealous is having a feeling toward people while being envious is having a feeling toward something that people have and you don't.

It seems to me that my wording is horrible but that was my best shot 🙄
May 5, 2020
Excellent, @Som ...

Now - if it's not too big an ask - would you mind replacing the proper definitions and just say "yes"? :D

Don't want to make it too easy on the others ;)
May 5, 2020
Far as I know, I can 😊
May 5, 2020
/me watches @Som's head fly off into the distance like an arrow ...
May 6, 2020
On the contrary Andrej, it shows that most people actually aren't sure of the difference and tend to use these two as synonyms. As views go, this already has 90 which isn't bad at all. Adding the definitions will end the fun. This is more difficult than the lose / loose conundrum, and even that is very common. Did I loose my head?
May 6, 2020
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