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Needs help in English?

hey, I have some time, and I would like to help, if someone needs to practice right now contact me or leave your Skype ID in the comments below..
5 mag 2020 21:16
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Yes, I’m a native speaker. With “Who needs help in English?” you can’t drop the “who” without correcting the tense on “needs.” So, “Need help in English?” would be the right way to go if you want to shorten it further. That is basically a shortened form of “(Do you) need help in English?”
5 maggio 2020
Well, offering support with English with a grammatical failure just seems rather weird, and seeing it repeated doesn't make it better.

Had you said "Would anyone like help with their English?" or "Do you need help with English?" the repeat would have been acceptable.
5 maggio 2020
I do. And I hope so will most people interested in actually learning English. ;)

"informal" is not an excuse for laziness and poor form, or, as it were, bad grammar.

5 maggio 2020
5 maggio 2020
You're entitled to that view, I guess. And I have every right not to share it.

To me the title is just poor grammar, and in informal speech it's still pidgin.
5 maggio 2020
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