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Kallia Trian
What’s the difference
Hiii! I’d like to ask a question! Can you tell me about what Is the difference between
1) 一点儿
2) 些
3) 少?

My hsk1 textbook says they all mean some, a few, a little so I don’t understand the difference:( I also searched about it online but I still couldn’t find any answer
May 6, 2020 11:11 PM
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你好👋Hi Kallia. I’m a Chinese teacher.
Although they all mean the same, the usages are different.
Let me show you that:
(1) adj. + 一点儿 ( it means “a little bit” or like “-er” for your hope or your request)
e.g. 好一点儿(better)大一点儿(bigger)
(2) 一点儿+noun ( it means “ a little bit of something “)
e.g. 我要吃一点儿蛋糕。(I want to eat a little bit of cake.)
(3) 些 (Actually it means “some” would be better and we will say 一些) 一些+noun
e.g. 一些人(some people) 一些朋友(some friends)
(4) 些 is also for 这些 which means “these” and 那些 which means “those”, so 这些+noun/ 那些+noun
e.g. 这些人(these people) 那些人(those people)
(5) 少 is an adjective itself and which means “ few; less”. So we should say “S. + 很少”
e.g. 我的朋友很少。(I have few friends.)
What’s more, the opposite meaning of 少 is 多duō which means “ many; a lot”.
e.g. 我的朋友很多。( I have a lot of friends.)

May 7, 2020
hi,there is no diffrent between 一点儿,一些,少。just there is a fixed collocation when using it.
May 7, 2020
Kallia Trian
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