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Jessica Sensei
What is your favorite type of weather? What do you like to do on those kinds of days?
Hi everyone!

It is starting to get hot where I live, and I was just thinking about how much I love the summer! Right now, it is not a good idea to travel, but feeling the sunshine outside is one of my favorite things! It always lifts my mood! I don't like rainy days too much, unless I can stay home and take a good nap. It's pretty hard for me to keep focused when the weather is cloudy or rainy. What about you all? We may not be able to do many social activities at the moment, but what do you enjoy doing on your favorite days?
May 7, 2020 6:47 AM
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When it's 70 degrees and sunny I love going to the park or even just sitting outside.
May 7, 2020
This is a sweet topic! I love summer too, but I like the rainy day in summer most. Hahaha. 🤣
In where I live,the rain usually won’t consistent for too many days. So this weather is kinda a cool off for the hot days, and makes the temperature very comfortable with fresh air and mild wind. I like do some reading or writing in these days. Of course taking a nap, watching a movie,is also a good choice. 😄
When I was a kid, i can find many mushrooms behind bushes,and had many good times with my friends in this weather. Then I grew older, this weather can always makes me feel peaceful. Now I went to university at another city,this rainy day in summer reminds me my home and family,and many great summer times.
May 7, 2020
Hi, guys 👋 I like a summer’s weather , sunny day, sea, and sunbathe 😋😍 I dream live near a sea. And running every day on the beach. I had such experience in tropical countries. But now I moved to Ukraine in the north side and sea local faraway from me.
We have sea which called Black Sea . And we have city rest - Odessa and Crimean Peninsula ☀️
I like sun.
But I like winter too ❄️ weather, because comes family holiday and we spend them together in small village. My father often clean a lot of snow . I do this too just for fun 😄 and like a workout ❄️✨
May 7, 2020
an intersting question,well as Im living in a arid and mountainous area in Iran, I definitely would like the moist and rainy weather. it keeps me fresh and healthy I think. however I do not like the cold weather as im not accustomed to it.

in a rainy day, going for a walk or sitting next to the window and listening to the sound of drops on the leaves is my favorite things to do.
May 7, 2020
Jessica Sensei
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