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Sam Haslam
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Discussion: You can only keep one of these foods for the rest of your life. Bread/Pasta/Potato/Rice.
So its simple (but really hard) I want to know which one you would keep, and why would you keep it.

(EDIT: You Can eat other things but you can never have the other three)

Me personally, I would keep potatoes because I don't think I could stand never having roast potatoes with my sunday dinner or potato chips or fries ever again. Even though never having a sandwich again is a horrible thought!!

Let me know what you decide!! :)
May 7, 2020 9:16 AM
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I will be crazy and choose bread. For many years, I tried to eat "low carb" so I didn't eat much bread/pasta/potato/rice. I learned to cook with other options: quinoa, barley, lentils, farro, chickpeas, oats, etc. They all mix-and-match well with various sauces, vegetables, and meat.

I didn't miss pasta or rice at all. They are just filler and I think lentils and chickpeas taste better than pasta and rice.

I missed potatoes a little because I love French fries. Also, dishes like mashed potatoes are traditional for meals like Thanksgiving dinner (and usually Christmas too), so there is a sentimental attachment there for me.

I really missed bread a lot. Sourdough bread is popular in my area, and nothing can replace it. And a well-made baguette is a work of art!
May 7, 2020
Probably a wise choice. Lots of stuff you can do with the humble spud.

And if you're desperate for something bread-related, there's also potato flour: apparently it can make a quite respectable loaf. Or if you're pining for some pasta-like comfort food on your potato-only diet, why not whip up some potato gnocchi?
May 7, 2020

The more I think it over the more things I remember! I love really dark seeded rye bread so much. Ahhhh why did make this!? Thank gosh this isn't a real decision.
May 7, 2020
I would pick rice, because it can be stored for a longer time than potatoes and it needs less water to get cooked than pasta. It can also be cooked in a variety of pans, easier to manage.
I'd like to choose potatoes, but I must make the practical choice :)
May 7, 2020
@La Liseuse I love that i forgot about gnocchi and potato flour!
May 7, 2020
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