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Sîrbu Sergiu
Please help me to understand.
Can somebody explain to me this this sentence in a easier way, I mean it is an economical language, and I cannot understand every single word, or either the sense of some parts.
Thanks in advice

Deutsche Bank management had previously been resistant to a merger, but lacklustre performance, combined with the prospect of lower-for-longer interest rates and pressure from the German government to address the lenders’ bloated costs and measly returns, triggered a rethink.
7 mei 2020 10:56
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The main sentence is basically: "Deutsche bank made a merger". The rest of the sentence explains why they made the merger: because of their bad financial results (lacklustre performance), interest rates, and because of pressure from the German government. A merger is when two companies join, becoming one company.
7 mei 2020
D. Bank leaders did not want to join with another bank in the past. The following things have made them consider the idea again:
poor earnings
interest rates staying low
pressure from the german government to lower the costs of their business
poor returns on investments
7 mei 2020
Sîrbu Sergiu
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