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Mohamed Nadir
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German Beginners Group - Skype 🙂
Hi everybody, 😊
Are you a German Language Beginner and would like to start it?
It's for free. Come join our group to become confident and practice it.
I'll organize one time a week for 40 mintes on Sundays at 3 pm by Berlin time and would be pleased to get your response by sending your skype here or by a direct message.
Practice it .. Be self-confident 👍

That's Berlin time:
8 maj 2020 03:20
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You're welcome Simar!
It's free
10 maja 2020
i wanna join is it paid?
10 maja 2020
Today we meet at 3 pm by Berlin time:
10 maja 2020
amine maritime
8 maja 2020
yeah! Add me please! my Email is
8 maja 2020
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