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Looking for English speakers to Help Me in Translating British English to Your English
Edit 2: I realized I'm really asking a weird question here, thanks for the comments and feedback, I've learnt something today!

Edt: Link added.

Hey guys I'm Jess! I'm currently looking into regional/ social variation. I need your help to translate a text in British English to other varieties of English. I'm actually targeting American English, Scotland English and Singlish/ Manglish but additional regions will be cool too! It will be really interesting to discuss and learn the differences of these variation of English.

This is the text, it's actually a UK Oral-B Toothpaste and Mouthwash TV ad from YouTube.
When I went pro with Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste I thought ‘WOW’ 
My teeth do feel way cleaner, must be something to do with the ‘pro’ bit
And when I discovered Oral-B Mouthwash I thought ‘Woah’
Great taste, no burn, and my whole mouth just feels, you know, healthier.
For a healthier mouth starting from day one
And it’s not just me that’s noticed
Go Pro with Oral-B Pro-Experts

Thanks a lot!
May 8, 2020 12:31 PM
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For me, the only difference would be the last word. I think most U.S. English speakers would say something else, like, "Great!"
May 8, 2020
Hi, I'm Singaporean! But I'm a bit confused about your question- to translate this into Singlish? What do you mean? It would be like "translating" this into Manglish- exactly the same except with an accent difference, especially because we don't use any different words from the ones portrayed here. And wouldn't the American English version of this also be exactly the same? There are no obvious Britishisms e.g. "torch" which could be "translated" to "flashlight".

Do you mean you would like an audio recording of this paragraph in our native accents? I would be happy to help there!
May 8, 2020
Now I have seen and heard the ad and the video along with the audio. It is to me standard English modern style television advertising, with slightly Americanised phrasing.

You only had to do a search to find out that Oral B is an American corporation/company/business/firm to get your answer. So it is American with an unsuccessful attempt to make it sound totally colloquially British. Not that anybody would have noticed whilst watching the advert until you asked the question.

@La Liseuse is correct the advert has been re-dubbed from another advert same advert same actors and actions but not the original words.

It does not match up with the original UK advert that I vaguely remember.

This add is definitely an original American ad shown on UK television maybe at some time they attempted to have UK actors or something "the actors union"? maybe -
equity is the name they go by, perhaps there was something to do with having British actors appear in the advert.
May 8, 2020
La Liseuse

Hi, I hadn't notice the syncing part, thanks for pointing it out! Looks like I'm working on wrong stuffs. I really appreciate your comment , most infos are new to me and I still have a lot to learn.
May 8, 2020
I am from South Africa. If you had not specified that it was an ad from the UK I would have never known.
May 8, 2020
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