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How To Talk About Free Time In Spanish
Say you meet a Spanish speaker online or on your travels. You strike up a conversation by starting with the basic greetings, but then you’re stuck. What can you talk about with this person? Knowing how to talk about how you spend your free time in Spanish will help you keep the conversation flowing. Discussing hobbies and common interests are great to get to know someone better, and a great way to practice your Spanish vocabulary!
We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common words and sentences related to free time in Spanish. Click the play button to hear each one pronounced by a native speaker.

Talking About Free Time In Spanish

General Phrases About Free Time

What do you do in your free time? — ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?
Do you have any hobbies? — ¿Tienes algún hobby?
the fun — la diversión
to have a lot of fun — divertirse mucho

Arts And Culture Vocabulary

the theater — el teatro
the play — la obra de teatro
the musical — el musical
to attend — asistir
the painting — la pintura
the photography — la fotografía
the gallery — la galería
the photo — la foto
to paint — pintar
the drawing — el dibujo
the film — la película
the performance — la representación
to dance — bailar
the book — el libro
to read — leer
the genre — el género
the museum — el museo
the music — la música
to sing — cantar
the instrument — el instrumento
the guitar — la guitarra
the piano — el piano
Do you play an instrument? — ¿Tocas un instrumento?
I like to listen to my music very loud. — Me gusta escuchar música alta.
Do you like going to the theater? — ¿Te gusta ir al teatro?
I learn dancing in a dance course. — Aprendo a bailar en un curso de baile.

Games And Activities Vocabulary

the game — el juego
the puzzle — el rompecabezas
the chess — el ajedrez
the card — la carta
to play — jugar
the video game — el videojuego
the role-playing game — el juego de rol
the board games — el juego de mesa
the sport — el deporte
the soccer — el fútbol
the gymnasium — el gimnasio
the team — el equipo
to go shopping — hacer la compra
second-hand — de segunda mano
to eat out — comer fuera
the restaurant — el restaurante
the club — la discoteca
I love going to restaurants. — Me encanta ir al restaurante.
I surf the internet. — Yo navego por internet.
Do you play sports? — ¿Haces deporte?
I jog every morning. — Hago footing cada mañana.
I play soccer twice a week. — Juego dos veces a la semana al fútbol.
I am a member of a sports club for martial arts. — Soy miembro de una sociedad deportiva de artes marciales.

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