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Correct using of "wish".
Hello there! I want to know in what cases I can use "wish". On the one of sites that teach us English, I read that we use "wish" only to express regret, dissatisfaction, impatience and annoyance. Like " I wish I hadn't said it", it means that I regret about saying something. But in the one of textbooks I read next sentence "Let us assume that you wish to ask about all the information in the following sentence".
Please, help me to understand that.
May 8, 2020 4:52 PM
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  1. someone does not listen to your advice, you say "very well as you wish" = you tried to advise them they ignored you and you are saying "ok do what you want or whatever you will, but don't say I did not warn you" one short phrase "very well, as you wish" says all of the long sentence.
  2. "I wish you would make more effort" = somebody is not taking things seriously you are telling them you want them to be more serious.
  3. "I wish it would stop raining" = you want it to stop raining.
  4. "I wish I hadn't done that" = you regret doing whatever it was
  5. "I wish you hadn't done that" = you are annoyed someone done/did whatever
  6. "I wish you all the best" = you wish someone to have good luck happiness etc
  7. "I wish to be successful" = you want and hope you will become successful.
  8. "I wish it would rain" = a song about being sad when a man loses a woman. The weather his sunny but he doesn't want to know he just wants his woman back.
  9. "I wish it wasn't true"= you wish that what you heard or found out was not true, that your best friend betrayed you etc.
  10. "I wish that this/that has helped you" = grammatically OK but awkward not natural.
  11. I hope this has helped you" = the correct way to say number 10 above.

the opposite wish in another song. Wishing to return back to childhood days.
"I wish those days could come back once more"
May 9, 2020
In the specific context you are asking about, the words "wish" and "want" have the same meaning but "wish" is more formal so you have to decide depending on the situation and how formal/informal the rest of the sentence sounds.

Be careful, though, "as you wish" or "do as you wish" might imply disapproval (you don't think it is a good idea).
May 9, 2020
The verb 'wish' is used to imagine/express a desire for things to be different from the way they really are.
We use the verb wish when we talk about something that is not likely to happen or something that is impossible.

Use ‘wish’ in situations, which are imagined, impossible or hypothetical.
• I wish I had more time. [Unfortunately, you know you don’t have anymore time to do something].
• I wish I could help you. [You want to help, but you know you can’t]
• I wish I hadn't spent all my money. [I need money now, but there is no money left, so it is impossible to do want I wanted to do.]
• I wish I were 25 years old again. [But I'm older than that, so it is impossible]

NOTE: There are other uses for the verb wish. I have provided the most often used usage of the verb.

I hope you understand my explanation. [There is a chance that you understand my explanation]

May 8, 2020
"Let us assume that you wish to ask about all the information in the following sentence".

for this sentence you can replace wish with 'want to ask' or 'would want to ask"
"Let us assume that you want to ask about all the information in the following sentence".
"here is the following sentence the other person you assume wants to ask a question about regarding all the information"

wishing is = wanting.

" wish I had a bit house" = I would like a big house = "I want a big house"

May 8, 2020
... Otherwise Amazon.... Wish take to long to deliver
May 8, 2020
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