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Impact of the war
How the World War II impacted your family?

My great grandfather was sent off to war in August, 1941 and was missing in May, 1942 near Moscow. He has not been found yet.

He was a peasant that had never held a gun in his hand. My grandmother told me he cried when he was leaving. He said he felt he would not come back. Grandmother said that very few of those men who were called up in 1941-1942 in their village came back. When someone was coming back home her mother told that it wasn't fair. She reckoned if someone's husband was dead, then all other's should have been dead.

My other grandmother lost her brothers, but we were not close and I don't know how and where they were killed.
May 9, 2020 8:34 AM
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Can I share my story?

So all my people were deported to Siberia because the government suspected them of cooperation with Germans. Though they did not. They were not allowed to take anything with them including food, clothes, money and other stuff... Many of them died on the way, many in Siberia. The most strong and fortunate survived and came back to home.
May 9, 2020
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