What countries address names all the time during conversation like this?
Sonali: There, Kanika. See.
Kanika: Sonali, where?
Sonali: He was here just now, Kanika.
Sonali: Kanika, there. Look there. With the white bed sheet.
Kanika: Sonali, there's nothing. It's your imagination.
Sonali: No. Someone was really present over there, Kanika. He was there! Kanika, someone was really there.
Kanika: No one is there, Sonali.


Got this from an Indian TV script and I'm surprised at how often they do this. The original is Hindi and this is English version.

Do you really need to address names every single time you start a new sentence? Where else is like this apart from India?
May 9, 2020 11:31 AM
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