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Ashton Gray
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Why do you want to leave your country? Why did you leave?
Recently, I have been speaking to some people who have told me they want to leave their country and move to a different one.

So for anyone who has changed their country or is considering changing their country - why did you leave? Or why do you want to leave?

What are the benefits of leaving? And how does your new home help resolve these problems?

Let me know...


May 9, 2020 11:53 AM
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I have several friends, who left their country. Why did they do it? They wanted to find a better life, than life in Russia. Moving to another country it is always hard: you have not relatives, friends, home... But it is also good experience, I think. You will study another language, you can find a good job and earn good money. But it's not always so..
I love my country, but I would like to try to live in another place. It is really interesting for me. I would like to explore the world, different cultures and their habits. Speak in English and other languages which I will choose. :)
May 9, 2020
I was considering moving to another country, the country of origin of my children's father. Fortunately, it didn't happen. I'm a person brought up during the Cold War and taught that my country is the best) I remember what a shock it was for me to learn that it wasn't the best in all aspects. However, I hope my children will prefer changing life in their motherland for the better to looking for fortune abroad. I believe it's much more reasonable to have many places that will be enjoyable for people than to move to the few existing now) Why should locals share the benefits created by their ancestors with people who did nothing to improve the place they used to live in? Of course, some immigrants are useful for the local society, but most often it's not the case)
May 13, 2020
@Ashton, well, i think that they moved to another country because they wanted to have new opportunities for themselves... How i told, it's always difficult to change your place. Usually people who left Russia want to find a job with better salary than they have before.

First of all, the main goal for is English. I want to know this language like native speaker (one of the reason why i'm here). Also English is one of my favourite language. It's important for me too. And in my opinion, American English and culture is really interesting. So I hope that one day I will have opportunity to try American lifestyle:)

The second country where I would stay is Israel. I was there many times. I like their unusual language and I like their country.

And the third language is Spanish. Because it's one of the popular language in the world.

I think I can live everywhere. The most important thing for me - is who around you.

My life in another place depends of how will i feel myself here. Maybe I can find cool job, very good friends and myself... Maybe I will get amazing experience, which help me in the future in my country.

May 13, 2020

So do you think that your friends felt that by leaving their homes they could have more opportunity to prosper in other places?

What other languages and cultures would you like to see?

Are you thinking of visiting temporarily or are you thinking of living in these places for an extended length of time?
May 9, 2020
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