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Naeem Yaqoob
4 Hour Work Week - blog on learning new language

What are you thoughts on learning new language based on the principles listed in this article:

My condensed notes and take-away from the article:

1.     Week 1-3 familiarisation with sounds and spelling of words

2.     1-2 months learn 635 basic words
3.     Create flash cards using google
a.     Tip: search for images using translation and original language and you will notice subtle difference
b.     Use Google Images Basic Mode
c.     Download Anki, then download install “fluent forever model”

4.     Months 2-3 learn the grammar
a.     Memorize the first half of your grammar book
b.     Learn the top 1,000 words of your language
c.     Get a Thematic Vocabulary Book, a book that lists vocabulary by theme (food, travel, music, business, automotive, etc.),
May 9, 2020 1:17 PM
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