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What do you think about DNA tests?
Has anyone done a DNA test? Was the results informative to you?

I am thinking of doing it one day. But what would I get? 70% Russian and 30% Eastern European? That's not interesting, I know the approximate areas where my ancestors had lived without a test...
May 9, 2020 1:48 PM
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Som, I am really not sure we have anyone from abroad. The ancestors were peasants in Ukrain and workers in Russia, they just had not any chance to meet someone from abroad.

What would be really interesting to know is what part of Russia are we originally from, because ancestors moved from Ukrain to Siberea and from the Polish borders to Far East, and someone from unknown central part of Russia to Far East, but the test wouldn't tell this. We are all defined as Eastern Europeans. So, I would not even get information where originally my maiden surname comes from...
May 9, 2020
Interesting topic! I have tried the service of Ancestry in an attempt to confirm my uncle's findings based on the genealogical tree he managed to create, according to which our family has Spanish roots.

Ancestry's initial results claimed that I am 60% Greek - 40% Italian but a couple of years later, Ancestry revised the results to 80% Greek - 20% Italian, following the "improvement" of its databases.

Over the internet you may find interesting articles about the accuracy and the credibility of the results that all these companies like Ancestry produce. It seems that as far as your roots are concerned, different companies may come up with different results and that you can only rely on your genealogical tree.
May 9, 2020
The cheaper ones will not tell you much more if anything you don't know already. Mine said I was 1% Neanderthal which supposedly everyone in Europe is if they are native to Europe. The other 99% British Isles, which was no surprise. I've read about the more expensive test for people from Ireland. Supposedly you can find connections to people related back 5 generations. Since for ex. my family supposedly originated within one of the tribes in the Co. Clare, Ireland area I could supposedly confirm this with others also from that family.
May 9, 2020
You may well be surprised. You might find Chinese and Semitic DNA in you. I know I am likely to find European, central Asian and Austro Asiatic DNA in me, but by a remote chance there could be something more exotic such as levantine DNA. There really is no way to know who interbred with whom at what time in the past. We humans are really good at interbreeding.
May 9, 2020
I've been interested in doing a DNA test for years. Sadly, here in my country it's expensive and there aren't any laboratories here that make that kind of test so we could have one for a lower price. I have an idea about what results I'd expect, since I'm from the New World I know for a fact I'd get European and Native American, but I'm curious to know what % of Native American and European I have. I have a friend who is an Anthropology student and he told me I look Harniza (~60%-70% European and ~30%-40% Native American), I agree with him but who knows?.
I don't know much about my ancestors, but I know I have some Italian great-grandparents, probably any Spanish great-great-grandparent and because of my features you can say I have Native American ancestry though I think it's unlikely to trace my Native American ancestor. I supposedly had a French great-grandmother too but her last name seems to be of German origin.
Argentina is a melting pot, many people from different parts of the world (mainly from Europe) emigrated here between ~1860/1950 so it wouldn't surprise me if I have ancestry from places I'm not aware of.
May 9, 2020
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