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Joining to learn MSA and the laventine dialect
Hi. I am Hadil. I am an italki community tutor. I am a native Arabic speaker with a laventine dialect. In case you learn Arabic and have sth you struggle with, don't hesitate to post it here. I will help!
May 9, 2020 9:52 PM
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Welcome aboard, Hadil 😃
Kind of you to offer Arabic learners your help.

I would like to point out a mistake in the use of the verb “learn” in your discussion’s title. Since you are a tutor and offering help in Arabic, then the verb “teach” is what you are looking for here. This is a famous mistake among native Arabic speakers; mixing between the meanings of “learn” and “teach”.
Your title right now indicates that you have joined to learn Arabic لتتعلَّمي اللغة العربية instead of teach Arabic لتعلِّمي اللغة العربية.

Titles can’t be edited, but thought I would let you know for next times when you need to use the verbs (learn and teach).
Good luck 🍀
May 10, 2020
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