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ㄴ는 plain form vs 방말 with friends
I wanted to ask how Koreans feel about the plain form compared to the casual form? I know it can be used only among close friends and I’ve got some informations that it feels even more blunt and masculine? So is it even lower than 어/아 form? I’ve heard that people tend to mix these 2 forms, but I think the plain form is being used less; would it be awkward to talk fully in the plain form? 
When do you actually use it; when you want to hide your feelings?
May 10, 2020 4:12 PM
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I don't understand perfectly a difference between the plain form and the casual form in Korean that you talked about. I think the plain form is like this; "안녕하십니까." Contrary the casual form may be like "안녕."
If my guess is right with your thinking, I would tell you the questions: first, when a person usually or only uses the plain form than the other form, he/she seems blunt and masculine. That may be true. But in current times, we've gotten the equality for gender so that many Koreans don't see the form is 'masculine', and it is a mind you have to own always. Second, I never know about '어/아' form. Third, the plain form is used less than the casual form at talking. It also equals with your guess. Fourth, it's a fact as well. Last, the question may have no meaning because ways to hide our emotions, feelings, thinking are very plenty.
May 11, 2020
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