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Florian K.
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The Psychology of hate-follow on Social media
  Social media is one hell of  a jungle. I once thought that influencers and celebrities have an easy job but having more followers also means that you have a lot of haters.
I remember one of my favorite actress had a basher and commented that she looked awful. The actress answered,”You hate me that much?” So why are you following and stalking my account?  

     The actress I was walking about is a beautiful actress and she is also a feisty one. I totally agree with her when she said,”why follow someone you hate?” I was thinking about the same thing when a well hater commented on my Instagram post and then followed me. I automatically blocked him because I would not want to answer his mean comments. Following someone you dislike so much or someone you think will irritate you is just plain sick. I think that hating on people, even on total strangers on the internet just to boost one’s ego is going to be counterproductive because your confidence came from pulling someone down. 

11. Mai 2020 16:17
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Social media is such cancer. I'm pretty sure it has worsened people's general mental health and turned the world into an even more hateful place.
11. Mai 2020
I quit social media 4 years ago and it must've been one of the wisest decisions I've taken in my life.
12. Mai 2020
Another interesting topic, Florian.

I agree with Amira. Responding to comments from "haters" is not the wisest thing.
Popularity is inherently fleeting and fragile. No matter how beautiful, smart, upright, kind, and talented, there will always be people who don't like who you are, and say that to your face or in public.

Also, everyone has their own insecurities. People who thrive for popularity are particularly vulnerable to their own insecurities, and haters see right through the "likable" facades.

"If somebody said you're a green Martian, well you know you're not a green Martian. so, whatever, it doesn't hurt you. But somebody says to you, oh I don't like your blue top, you have to figure yourself, why does that hurt me? so, it's back to you. It's not even about them. Actually their statement to you is nothing to do with you. Those are the kind of things you know, when you look under the hood of these human experience and you have a perspective on what this thing is. Then you can have fun."

I think no one can be happy by taking everything seriously on social media.
If a large group of people gangs up on one person on the Internet, that's bullying. If it's just a person who is nasty to me (unless the person is making a threat) , I would dust off my shoulders and walk away.
12. Mai 2020
Kamusta. Ikinalulungkot kong marinig na may masamang karanasan ka sa instagram. After the coronavirus outbreak, many people in Japan have tried to stay home as much as they can. However, there are other Japanese people who still actively go out or take a trip as well. In addition, there are few store owners who continue to open their stores in spite of the government's request to close them temporarily. These selfish deeds enraged a substantial number of Japanese people, and they took to their Social Networking Services(SNS) like instagram and Twitter, and wrote hateful comments to criticize them severely. These people are called "自粛警察" or "自粛ポリス". "自粛" (じしゅく)means self-restraint, and a word used generally for quarantine or lockdown in Japan. "警察" is spelt "けいさつ" in hiragana, and pronounced similarly to keisatsu. Both "警察" and "ポリス" mean police. "自粛警察" became a social problem here. I understand that how irritating it is when other people do things that entail high risks of spreading the virus without caring. But I'm not sure if positing hateful comments on SNS is really effective to change the current situation for the better.
12. Mai 2020
@Meryem Thanks dear. I'll try my best to come up with new discussions in the next few days, weeks.

12. Mai 2020
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