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Rui // 瑞琪
The challenges of learning English / 学英文的挑战
An unexpected perk of this website for me is that I was exposed to challenges non-native English speakers face when learning the language.

I'm studying to be an English teacher and will start the first of two teaching internships next year. This has been great preparation for me (as a native speaker) to teach in my country, where many students don't speak standard English well.

Could any non-native English speaker share challenges you have had with the language? I would love to hear what were some big things you struggled with (e.g. sounds which are hard to make, grammar rules, specific phrases or words), how you overcame them, or how you wish your language learning journey had been different in general. I would welcome comments from people at all stages of their language journey, and I can read German as well as Chinese, if you prefer to express yourself in either language.

It would be particularly great to get input from those who really struggled/are struggling with the language.

I hope that I will not only learn as a teacher, but perhaps also (maybe) have examples to show my future students that they're not alone in their struggles haha.
May 11, 2020 7:02 PM
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Rui // 瑞琪
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