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I looked into my mother's storeroom… I remembered a story I'd heard earlier from a friend.

They lived in my mother's house. And her mother – then a grandmother for a long time, but quite cheerful-once said that she needed another wardrobe, because the ones that were there did not fit her clothes.
Her daughter (who told me this story), reached into my mother's closets, and threw them into a pile of dresses, suits, skirts, blouses 60-70-ies, which my mother definitely will not wear. Crimplen there any, knitin, kristallon…

The daughter tied it all in a knot, with the intention of throwing it away. Mom looked at her actions disapprovingly, and said: "Don't throw it away! Do you know how long I waited in line for this costume? And this dress your father bought me on vacation. And in this blouse, I took you to the first class for the first time... and this… And this..."
The daughter put everything in a bag and took it to the barn-the benefit of the private sector.
Past year. Her mother died one day.
After a while, she opened her mother's closet again, and there, under the coats and coats, was the same bag that her mother had brought back from the barn.

And there's a note taped to the bag: "Don't throw it away."
May 11, 2020 7:48 PM
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