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Anna Smirnova
Something similar to Blab ?
Hi guys!
There used to be a resource called Blab. It was something like an online chat, and also a channel (similar to youtube). People used to have channels where they maintained online chatrooms, and if you joined a chatroom you actually saw faces of people speaking, several at once. Maybe the Zoom interface is similar, there also are images of people speaking and you can see several people at once.
I found the resource in 2015 maybe, but then I didn't have time to participate. Now I do have time, but the resource does not exist anymore.
What I liked about it that it was for native English speakers and the conversations were normal live conversations, very challenging for non-native English speakers. One would have to interrupt the other speakers, there was slang, humor specific to certain social groups, different social groups, and one could find something challenging for bringing one's conversation skills up a level.

Do you know something similar that still exists? (which is not for learners but for natives)

May 11, 2020 10:48 PM
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Anna Smirnova
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