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Learn SAT vocab by phasing Part 4 (Please check thanks)
A series movie I have been watching is boring because of its hackneyed boy meets girl scenerio. I have watched a season of it but to be honest I can not stand watching it because the plot of it is common. The movie is about a precocious young girl who is knowledgeable about archeology and a haughty and engendered male teenager who makes many troubles but is still snobbish. Unfortunately, there is a harbinger of financial corruption of his family. In terms of an affluent boy and a trouble-maker, he turns out to become laconic and magnanimous / altruistic. He goes back to college and here he gets to know her, a jovial and assiduous lady. To draw her attention, he emulates his teacher because the teacher seems cantankerous and archetype. She interests him because he really impresses her in the first met....... (make-up story)
12 พ.ค. 2020 เวลา 0:40
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