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How does it make *YOU* feel if/when ...
people don't acknowledge your efforts here?

Imagine you spent 20 minutes or more correcting someone's notebook entry, and they never come back with a thank you, or there's not even a thumbs-up from them.

And the other way around: if you write a notebook entry, is it a "fire & forget" thing?
Do you revisit corrections? If you do, why would you not acknowledge a correction?
May 12, 2020 7:03 PM
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I would not acknowledge a correction if:
1) even I, a learner, could see that the corrections were either unnecessary, incorrect themselves or seriously lacking (poor spelling, lack of accent marks, sloppy) AND
2) it's a teacher who is clearly using it to advertise their services, without correcting the entry well, that is, leaving most of the errors and going through multiple student entries quickly in a similar fashion. In this case, I can do without the help, thanks.

Both conditions have to be met. I have received questionable corrections and said thanks. I have had teachers invite me to book lessons after providing a correction, and I thanked them because it was thorough and they had taken the time to be helpful, though I didn't always book a lesson.

I do find it rude when someone doesn't say thanks for a correction. They put out a request for help, a stranger stepped in, and they couldn't even say thanks. I try not to let it bother me too much though, because it's also dangerous (to oneself) to expect thanks in most situations. I think that expecting gratitude or praise when you do something you consider useful but that no one asked for is highly questionable. I try to avoid this trap because it is an attempt to gain approval rather than to be genuinely helpful. The case you describe is a bit different, because though it is not a direct request, it is a request all the same.

I no longer correct notebooks because I don't love making corrections. There are some things I do that happen to help people but that I would do even without receiving a reward (gratitude, money, admiration) just because I enjoy them. I might even wonder why I was being thanked for doing something as natural as breathing to me. The fact I enjoy these activities and spend a lot of time on them also means my help is most likely to be valuable there.
May 13, 2020
Asians commit this discourtesy more often than Europeans. There, I said it.
May 14, 2020

you have helped with with Notebook entries and I am grateful for those corrections. You and Miriam both have helped correct mistakes in discussions that I've made. My goal is to learn, to improve.

Both of you have helped me in my learning process.

človek, if you stop correcting my Notebook entries I might think my writing is perfect. I need that check to know that it's not. :)
May 14, 2020
I have literally done a thousand notebook corrections (actually 1001) and I'd say in most cases did I receive a thank you but I did not always check. For some time I corrected everything that crossed my way but then I decided to only correct if I was genuinely interested in the post or if the learner asked me for a correction. I remember one user though who used to make very long posts that nobody else wanted to correct because of the length. I corrected several of his notebooks but then after realising that this user never acknowledged any of the corrections, I didn't bother anymore wasting my time on his posts.

But I'm not doing it for receiving thanks, so normally I don't really care. If someone only upvoted the correction, I also wouldn't know because there aren't any notifications for that and without a notification, I don't have a reason to go back to that notebook entry.

I'm also guilty for forgetting to thank sometimes or only thanking some time later because I might be busy and simply forgot about the post.
May 12, 2020
Hi everyone. I feel the same as you, Clovec. I used to correct entries when I joined Italki, but I soon realised that it takes a lot to correct them and people don't even bother to thank you. At the beginning I was like "these people need help, I will correct them because it's nice when someone helps you", but when I saw that people don't even bother to say "thank you", I gave up. In the end, it was a double effort for me, because I wasn't even making corrections in my own language. And, by the way, I've really started to think that for some people it's better to pay for a lesson. When something is free, they take it for granted, but when they pay for it they can feel what it really means to learn a language.
July 25, 2020
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