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Omri Cohen
I can speak indonesian, but cannot understand it
I've been learning Indonesian for the past few months, and I can speak it pretty decent and having no trouble to express myself on a basic level

But when I try to watch a movie or listen to an interview in Indonesian, it just feels like they speak too fast.

I can pick some words but overall I can't really catch what they're saying. it's suddenly sounds like a different language.

Does anyone else having that problem?
May 12, 2020 9:50 PM
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Saya senang anda belajar bahasa indonesia
Menurut saya Most of foreigner learn formal speaking skill so, they did not have time to learn informal and slang. Which is also very important to communicate in daily life
July 4, 2020
Some movies use nonformal (daily/colloqual/friendly) vocabs and terms.

English: i
Indonesian (formal): Saya
Indonesian (nonformal): Gue

English: have you eat some food? Or had you ate? (Pas Tense)
Indonesia: Sudahkah anda/kamu makan? VS Apakah anda sudah makan? (Formal)
Indonesia: Kamu sudah makan belum? (Informal)
August 4, 2020
I get it, my foreign friends always told me that too, i think it is because you learn Bahasa in a formal form where most indonesians actually not speaks Bahasa that way, most of indonesians speaks Bahasa with their own regions style. They will understand when u speak to them, and they can adjust to reply with a more formal way but for daily use, they kinda like mix the original Bahasa with their own style, that’s why u kinda feels like it is a whole different language
July 22, 2020
That was my biggest problem in learning English.
Listening to people is always hard because you need to comprehend too.
I did practice my listening skill for 3 months and the results amazed me.
I can catch all the conversation right now.
Just take some times for yourself and never give up!
July 3, 2020
Hi omri, let's learning Indonesian again 🙂
June 14, 2020
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