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Henrique Silva Gomes
Eight interesting and funny questions.
Hi everyone!

I take eight interesting and funny questions from a Brazilian TV show for you. Use your creativity for answer these questions.

After each question are my answers.

1- Wich one your first memory in your life?

I was three years old and I remember that my father had an acoustic guitar and he don't allowed me play it.

2 - Do you loved some famous person? Who was your first famous passion?

When I was seven or eight years old I saw the movie clip of "My Heart Will Go On" and the singer, Celine Dion was incredible beautiful for me. It was love at first sight.

3- Talking about a crazy thing that you made when you were a teenager.

One day a took my father's car for take a ride. I went where my friend was rehearsing with their music band. I have been there for one hour and when I was going out I crashed my car in am another car that was in movement.
I was terrified. I ran away. Fortunately nobody got hurt. And after for some hours the police searched me. The next day in the school I was a hero. I was 15 years old.

4- If for a day you could be an another person that's life who you will like to be?

The president of the Brazil. Only for a day, for
resign me. Maybe will be necessary few hours.

5 - What historical moment would you like to see for yourself?

The The arrival of the Portuguese in America. For explained for it that these place was already habited for people.

6- What profession you think that you don't be able to work?

I'm not able to make the stylist. I can't combine my pants and mi shirts.

7- How do you want it to end of the world?

With one another meteorite. Maybe in this way our planet will have the next 10 millions years for reconstruct itself.

8- What would you like it to be written on your tombstone?

It isn't the finish.
May 13, 2020 5:51 AM
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