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Lyudmila Levina
Who wants to practice English?
Hello! My name is Lyuda, I have been learning English for 5 years. I want to achieve B2 level in English and I decided to prepare for FCE exam. The most difficult part for me is speaking, because I don't feel confident and afraid of making mistakes. Is here anyone who wants to practice English regularly? I will be glad to talk! :) I live in Russia, so if you are interested in Russian language or culture I can help you)
2020年5月13日 09:57
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I ain't learning Russian but I've been talking to natives for years ... if you wanna beef up your speaking level, we can have have a chit chat .. I can also add you to my group .. Hit me if interested .. I've had so many students living in Russia on Italki and I can claim I know about Russian Culture as well as the norms and social patterns ..

I can tell you about Iranian culture as well. My podcasts are available on CastBox ..
Hi i am moamen from jordan 32 years iam working as nurse i want to practice because i am going to work in us insha allah

I got 7 in ilets exam i need to practice to stay sharp
If you are intrested on skype moamenmyousef
Hi! I don't know Russian but am very interested in Russian culture and would love to talk to you about it or anything else in English, its my native language.
interested to talk and practice
Hey, I'm also looking for a speaking partner. If you're interested, add me. Thanks!
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