Which one is correct?
I've read this kind of information:

We use above, but not over, to refer to things that are at an upper or higher level:
[a ‘chalet’ is a small wooden building usually found in mountainous areas]
Do they live in that chalet above the village?

We don’t use over to mean ‘higher level’.
Most of the race is 500 metres above sea level.

According to this information could you tell me which one is correct?
The sun is over the mountains.
The sun is above the mountains.
(I mean exactly on the mountains).
If ''the sun is over the mountains'' is ok, is that information uncorrect?
13 مايو 2020 10:04
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It is the same answer as for your other post:

and like John said, it depends on what you are trying to say, as you can use both.
The sun is above the mountains = directly overhead the mountains, in the sky above the mountains.
The sun is over the mountains = over the mountains, higher up in our vision that the mountains, but can also mean a little beyond …. but refer to the other post. For 'sun' you could use both/either, but for a cloud, it could also mean 'beyond'.
Read more English books. I can't explain it to you better, nor in Turkish.
13 مايو 2020
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