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Advice from a tutor: American English shows to watch that can improve your American English speaking skills.
Hello there! I am a native English speaker from the US. Here are shows that I grew up watching.

Full House
Family Matters
Step by Step
3rd Rock from the Sun
Sister Sister
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
The OC
Boy Meets World
Married with Chlidren
Home Improvement

Many of these shows were on what was called the 'TGIF' line up. TGIF was a block of shows that were on the tv in the 80's through early 2000's.

Here's a little tribute to TGIF shows
13 مايو 2020 13:14
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Yes, American TV is quite something. Big thumbs up for Friends and Home Improvement.

During my learning process, I also enjoyed these shows for the laughs, 'street' English and a peek into different sides of society.

South Park
The Simpsons
Jerry Springer
Price is Right
Trailer Park Boys
13 مايو 2020
The Goldbergs are great for learning as well.
13 مايو 2020
Alice have you see "The Loudest Voice" with Russell Crowe ?
I would like to know your opinion.
Thanks !
13 مايو 2020
True the Wonder Years is another option. Maybe for a student that is intermediate or advanced.
13 مايو 2020
Ohh Alice, I think in your throwback to classic shows you forgot The Wonder Years!! :) One of my personal faves. Although for teaching, may be tricky since a lot of it is narrated, and the student wouldn't be able to watch the person speak the lines in some cases. But since the cast is pretty young, might benefit students since the language may be simpler?
13 مايو 2020
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