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What is your all-time favorite book?Why do you love it?What is it about?
Hello! I`m Anastasia and I`m also a bit of a bookworm. Hope you are too! Let`s discuss books together. Tell me about your favorite book.Who is the author of it?What is the premise of the book? What message does it convey?

P.S. If you are eager to learn Russian, I might help you with it:) ( and recommend a billion of Russian classical books to read, of course)
13 de may de 2020 16:28
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It's really hard to choose an all-time favorite, I feel it changes all the time (for me anyway). I recently reread All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, and it's very good.
13 de Mayo de 2020
My favorite of all times (until now) is crime and punishment

13 de Mayo de 2020
Hello, it’s a great topic you started, Anastasia!

My all time favourite is 1984 by George Orwell. It’s a bit of a funny story that I read this book by mistake. I wanted to read “Animal farm” and got a piece from a library, but didn’t realised it’s been two works of the same writer in one book. I was pretty shocked when “Animal farm” ended way before middle.

Anyway, I started 1984 without any research about the work beforehand. I got sucked into dysthopian city London and the World controlled by Three authoritorian supercountries. Loved inner struggle and shy disobedience of Winston Smith. You could say that story isn’t original, but I loved every detail of this marvelous masterpiece and the remembrance of it’s strong dark atmosphere still gives the chills.

Almost eight years passed since I read IT first time, but 1984 is still my favourite and love for this peace is even growing. Maybe only “100 years of solitude” and “Remains of the day” challenged it’s number one place in my heart and mind.
14 de Mayo de 2020
Tony Robbins’ ‘ Unlimited Power’ it is a self help book quite an old one. I refer back to it time & time again because of it’s practical use in my life.
13 de Mayo de 2020
The Silmarillion hands down, it's a full package. The book covers the events that took place middle earth during the first age, so prior to the events of Lord of The Rings.The stories in the book have a lot of "life-lessons" if you would say, and the main characters go through many obstacles. The book is packed with epic battles, stories of love that would belittle Romeo and Juliet, and sad sorrow events that would move the underworld to flood of its own tears. I love J.R.R Tolkien's books, and the Silmarillion is my absolute favorite.
13 de Mayo de 2020
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