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Rachael Boon
Professional Teacher
What makes the perfect conversation lesson?
I'm a professional English teacher here and I've noticed that a lot of students sign up for conversation lessons with me, instead of more 'taught' language lessons. I'm curious to know what you think makes the perfect conversation lesson? Any ideas or feedback welcome!
May 13, 2020 5:27 PM
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For me good conversation lessons still has structure. Depending on the student's level it can be learning a couple of new sentence structures and some vocabulary and in turn using those during the conversation part over and over again. Often teacher find a way to make the student use the structures by asking questions and such.

I am an advanced Vietnamese learner so in our lessons my teacher assigns me reading (an opinion article in Vietnamese), and during the next week, the first part of our lesson is just talking about anything, like two friends talking. Then we go to the articles and she asks me objective questions (What is this article about? What does the writer think). Then we move away from the article, but still talk about the topic in which the article was about.

If I prepared more, than I would look up words having to do with this topic or write down new useful words from the article I learned and use them during our conversation.
May 13, 2020
Hello Rachael.
How about talking about shared-hobbies SERIOUSLY?
To avoid "taught lessons", you teachers have to make learners speak. To do so, I suppose it is effective to give desire to insist something to learners.
Of course the hobbies may not match well. It's possible to occur. But, "love" could be a solution then. Most of people have some ideas or opinions about love.
For me, some political problems are very exciting to talk, however, that would be too much.

Or, how about asking about culture of where the learner lives?
In this case, you are able to estimate the way how the learners answer(or probably make mistakes). It means you can prepare for the lesson easily.
And you can show the correct way by telling the culture of your country.

I know you work as a professional and so I'm afraid that my ideas are too basic for you. But, they are what I had in English classes in my high school and I felt effective to improve abilities.(This is the result! I'm writing English! Yay!)
May 13, 2020
Hey Rachel, that’s what I do for living. I would need hours to write my opinion here, so If you have the time we can have a quick conversation on Skype, i am always happy to help.
May 13, 2020
Rachael Boon
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