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Korean Boy Band singing in Arabic
I'm not big on K-Pop but I stumbled upon videos by the K-Pop band B.I.G. singing in Arabic. What a big surprise! I'd like to know what's the deal with that? Do they have many fans in Arabic speaking countries and they wanted to connect with their fans by covering famous Arabic songs? Or do they just love Arabic music? Do they learn Arabic?

Here are the songs I found:

Abu Ft. Yousra - 3 Daqat

Saad Lamjarred - LM3ALLEM

The5 - La Bezzaf

Hussain Al Jassmi - Boshret Kheir

Question to Arabic speakers: Are these Korean singers doing a good job pronunciation-wise? How do you like their rendering of Arabic songs?

Bonus song:
A K-Pop song covered by an Arab musician and a Arab-Korean comedian.
SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 Mr. Simple:
Cover by Alaa Wardi and Wonho Chung:

I'm intrigued. Is there are special connection between Korea and Arabic speaking countries?

May 13, 2020 7:39 PM
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Their pronunciation is impressive. It’s not perfect, but they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into it.

خ /x/ is really good.
ع /ʕ/ is pretty good. Slightly off, but it’s passable.
ح/ħ/ is okay for some of the singers, but they’re not hitting it properly. They’re realizing it as /h/ most of the time.
ل /l/ in Arabic is often light but they’re constantly realizing it as a dark /l/.

I’m impressed by how well they’re pronouncing the /x/ and /ʕ/ sounds, because they’re quite difficult for non-native speakers to pronounce.
May 13, 2020
Great topic, and memories from my younger days popping up :D

I still have the vinyl ;)

P.S.: Das sind Deutsche ;)
May 13, 2020
Thanks for all the answers!

Yeah, I wondered if their pronunciation is only understandable when one knows the lyrics already.

Wow, I didn't know this band. Fascinating!

Thanks for this great analysis. Yeah, I thought that they might have worked with a pronunciation coach.

Wow, thanks for the links! This seems to be a thing, K-Pop bands singing in other languages. There are also compliations of sentences they say in other languages during concerts (I watched a German compilation). Quite fascinating. I don't get the concept of K-Pop bands though. They all look the same to me.

While browsing K-Pop bands I found this funny video of Conan learning Korean and I think it's quite a good depiction of the language exchange experience many women get here with creepy guys:
May 14, 2020
K-Pop is a world-wide sensation these days, so it doesn't surprise me. Here they're pretty successful among teenagers. Some K-Pop bands have also sung in Spanish and people were also surprised, it even appeared on the news!

I don't think they speak neither Arabic nor Spanish, I don't even think they're interested in learning those languages, in my opinion they just recorded some songs or made covers just because they have a huge popularity among Arabic and Spanish speaking countries.
May 13, 2020
Interesting, I've never seen these covers before, not shocked as Korean singers are so popular among -Arab girls- only, I don't know, maybe because of how they look like?... I was only able to understand the covers which I know the original version of, the rest I've to focus a lot to get some of what they say... and they have a strong accent and mispronounced many letters... I don't blame them as Arabic phonetic system is crazy for real! the hardest among many languages I've tried to learn...
May 13, 2020
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