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Are you getting less classes ? here are some tips
For teachers having fewer classes is a tear-jerker scene , but WHY ? Why the hell this is happening ???

The point worthy of being mentioned is that teaching is an art .. A type of Art that one must have in their DNA ...

hadn't I tried such methods myself, I wouldn't be writing this right now ...

Who would of thought that that someday there would be something like google docs or even google classroom ?
Now that we have them, did you know that using online tools while having a class can be extremely helpful ???

lemme tell you how ..

I have heard some people complaining about the number f classes they get .. There seems to be a problem, right ?

if you get a trial class but your student never contacts you again , Ok .. there is a PROBLEM ..

We gotta show them how much we love teaching .. A teacher creates a wireless connection that can only be felt by the student .. if the signal is high, Awesome ! you are doing a great a job .. But if the signal is low, you gotta figure out what you are doing wrong !!!!

This could be either your way of teaching or your not being able to convey things easily ..

Yes it's an undeniable fact that there is a direct relation between the number of classes you get and how you teach ..

But nowadays, due to corona and stuff like this people are having difficulty in paying .. This clearly signifies that if we try to lower the price a little bit, we will have a higher chance of getting more classes.

So, a you are right .. I also get a kick outta teaching online and teaching has gotten into my blood ..
Here are some cool tips

Always use new tools :

Google docs
Google classroom

Give them proper instructions on how to find something online
teach them how to use google query ( Not normal google search )

Go on a livecast and host your own livecast as a teacher

Use Google Docs Online Microphone ( Real-time speaking / pronunciation )
You gotta take a stab at it .. Think about it .. it's cool .. I have been doing this for 8 M...
You can improve their pronunciation and speaking skills using such amazing tools

I have my own preferences so do you ... I highly suggest new methods and tools be used all the time ..

If you have questions on such issues, contact me ..I'mma try my best to teach you such techy stuff in detail ..

I wish you guys all the best and blessings.. Love you all ..

James Wall

May 13, 2020 9:05 PM
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