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Mariana Rangel
To speak English doesn't make you an English teacher
Hey there, my name is Mariana and I've been an English estudent since I was 6 years old. Now I'm almost 25 years old and my experience with English language has been an adventure. I live in Mexico so I'm not close to situations where I must speak English. I just got better my language skills by the music I listen and by the tv shows that I often watch. When I started to learn Italian and French, English seemed to be easier for me and I met partners to practice by Facebook who made me feel more comfortable and my speaking started to be more fluent. That's all. Since quarentine started, my college partners asked me if I could teach them English because they think I speak really well (although I've never been to an English-speaking country) It sounded good at first, mostly because I saw the possibility of making money through my skills, but now I'm getting frustraded just because there are some grammar subjects that I got by practice, not by learning and I don't know how to explain them in a correct way for not to confuse them.
After I finished college I realized that I would have liked to study Teaching English or linguistics or English literature... I can do it yet but now I'm on trouble... How can I be an English teacher without a professional licence, how can I use the experience and skills I have got in these almost 20 years to my advantage?

Greetings from Mexico :)
May 13, 2020 9:15 PM
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You could invest some money in a course book you like and a teacher's book that goes with it. Besides, I'm sure there are loads of materials about English grammar in Spanish on the Internet. You can compare several explanations and choose the one(s) you find appropriate for certain students. You know enough to teach beginners and they can save some money if you don't charge too much. So it will be mutually beneficial.
May 13, 2020
I mean... I've seen members on here that speak English that say that they are able to teach but they don't register as a certified teacher on Italki. There's nothing really to stop people from doing that. Pretty sure you can 'teach' on here without registering. You just wouldn't get paid for it.
May 13, 2020
Mariana Rangel
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