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Carlos DELE
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What countries have you visited?
You can find more exercise in my profile. I'll be very pleasure to help you with your Spanish, if you have any question just write me.
I invite you to take a lesson and you can see my teaching method.

13 mag 2020 21:16
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You are from Germany right? I think people form Germany and France are the most travelers in the world. My grandfather lives in Dresden, I hope to visit him soon.
13 maggio 2020
It is a pity. I think everyone should go once in his life out of yourself own country. I do love to know different cultures.
I encourage you to visit another country when you have the possibility.
13 maggio 2020
I have some friends in California, it is extremely expensive the cost of living due to the most big companies are there. On the other hand, for americans south america or South Asia would be a excellent option, for example in Bolivia a avarage big lunch costs $1.
13 maggio 2020
I think that in Europe - given the small size and openness - it's quite easy for people to travel, and it's reasonably inexpensive, too.

And a grandpa in Dresden sounds like a great opportunity ;)
13 maggio 2020
I agree!! I plan on it. I will go to France or Wales someday for sure! It just hasn't been within my budget.
13 maggio 2020
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