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Mohamed Helal
אלוהים vs מחמדים
In Hebrew the plural can be out of respect. Just like in the first word which means "God" why the second can't be treated the same as a noun which is the name " mhmd " ?
May 13, 2020 11:06 PM
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Only now I saw your comment.
Today the root חמד means lovely or cute or nice.. Quite a moderate meaning.
In the "Song of songs" you quoted the meaning (as it understood from the text and the context) is much more intensive and means attraction or passion or desire.

I was impressed from what you commented that in Arabic, the equivalent refers somehow to the God and to the love to him (I don't speak Arabic).
In this context - it isn't: the text talks about a love and attraction between a man and a woman, and the God is not mentioned in this book.
Of course, the Jewish religious tradition will say that this is just an allegory and it is about the love between the people of Israel and the Bible; but you can understand what do I think about it. :-)
May 19, 2020
You are right- in the Bible the God is treated many times in plural, mainly אלוהים & אדוני.
Those names (in plural) are used also in spoken language.
Apart of those two I don't remember other options, and all the verbs and adjectives related to them are in singular.

I am not sure I understood your question: what has the word מחמדים to do with the God?
I don't remember it as one of his (many) names.
The singular of מחמדים is מחמד as you said, this is a very literary word, so you might find it in expressions, verses from the Bible, etc.
May 18, 2020
the name "מחמד" matches the Arabic "محمد" which translates in English as "Mohamed". All I was wondering, was the word mistranslated or misunderstood ?.
Taking into considerations "محمد" and " מחמד" has the same meaning in both languages Arabic and Hebrew, which is "beloved one" or "praised one" we can have a totally different understanding of the verses from the bible.
So my main question was why we can't translate both words "אלוהים" and "מחמדים" with the same perspective?.
The English translation for the word "מחמדים" was " All together lovely" which is in my opinion kind of misleading, so I needed opinions of experts to know where is the true translation.
May 18, 2020
Mohamed Helal
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