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Referral Credits
Has anyone encountered this with referral credits?
I was referred to italki by my girlfriend, we are both studying new languages and she suggested this as a good platform. When she referred me it said in the email that when i purchase 20 italki credits or more we will both receive 10 free credits. I have to be honest and say that the promotion was nice but not what drew me to start using the platform. I took a few trial lessons and then when i found a teacher i liked i purchased 30 italki credits. i thought that that would entitle me to the promotion and a few days later when i saw we did not get it i sent them an email. The customer service representative who contacted me was very rude in his email and accused me of cheating the system and referring myself. I was pretty upset about this and answered him that that could not be true. After that i received and email saying that my first purchase was under 20 credits so i was not entitled to the credits. I have to say that i am pretty confused as in some places it says "when" and in others it says "first".
Overall i am pretty upset about this as no one has apologized about the accusations and i have a general feeling of being dismissed without proper answers.
What do you think about this? has anyone else been treated this way? Have you received ant referral credits from italki or are they just cheating us out of the promotions they promise?
May 14, 2020 10:02 AM
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