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Spanish music
Hello, there! I would to know is there any guitarists from Spain here who learning English? I'm interested to know about Spanish guitar, especially flamenco music. And I'm interested to know about methodics do you use for learning or teaching guitar.
2020年5月14日 13:04
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Thank you, Caballero Alberto for your comment.
Yes, I'm listening Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo and Moraíto . Also I like Gerardo Núñez music. I heard Merengue de Córdoba. It would be interesting to speak more about Spanish guitar.
Hi Alex, I like flamenco music and can play the guitar for a bit. I learnt by my self, therefore I couldn't dare give you any advice in this matter, although I can recommend the most important flamenco guitarrists as Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo o Moraíto (and his father, Morao).
Enjoy their Art!
Lole y Manuel.
I learnt some flamenco when I was in Spain, but only got so far with it, learning several "palos". You need patience and dedication, but definitely a good teacher. You can only learn basics from books, but it needs to be part of your "alma" (soul). If you have this and passion, then you'll progress. Playing daily is important. A true flamenco player has "duende", it's inexplicable, the late Paco, the godfather of flamenco of guitar is the best example.
Good luck.
Kyle, Bad Bunny? Flamenco? Are we talking about the same thing? X-D
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