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It's always nice to know a few words in different languages- you never know when they might come in useful. It can be a good icebreaker when you know a few words in another person's language, which in turn, can often lead to an interesting conversation.
I had the idea that by contributing some words or phrases, we could all learn a few new words in the languages that take our fancy. It could even be the first steps of learning a new language.
If you contribute and the language has difficult pronunciation or different characters, it would be cool if there were Roman letters or a very brief explanation.

Here we go:

Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
Good night
How are you?
Fine, thanks.
Thank you (very much)
You're welcome
Sorry, I don't understand
See you later!

Thanks in advance for your contributions! (Even if just a few words)
14 مايو 2020 14:16
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