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How to stay sane when working from home?
Many of us have been working from home and homeschooling for months now. It seems to be the new normal and I don't see myself going back to my previous office routine anytime soon. But how to stay sane, married, a good parent and productive when being stuck at home for months? Today I saw this video with tips by people who have been working from home for many years, even decades:

I really liked the first tip: "Respect the door!", i.e. when the door is closed, that means one is in the office and not to be disturbed.

What is your favourite tip? Do you have your own strategy to make your home office a good experience? Now that you got used to it, would you like to continue with it or are you waiting for the day that you can go back to your office?

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May 14, 2020 2:29 PM
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for me, one success factor for working at home is a separate room/office to use. It is not needed by other people during my work time. If it is needed, it's possible to easily arrange schedules.
I was allowed to bring my computer, screens and keyboard from my company to my home, where I installed everything on a desk in my basement.
The writing "Please do not disturb" is a good idea if necessary.
I guess I would like to have a mixed solution when I will be allowed to go back to office. I do not have to drive half an hour to office. I can have a small nap when I have no appointment. :) There are definite advantages of home office. But I also want to meet my colleagues.
May 14, 2020
A digression but not entirely off topic.
Just a piece of information. In my country some big companies consider making working from home as a new norm and it's pretty understandable as this kind of employment is profitable - much less spending especially on distance covering which is a lot of money being spent on employees every day.
May 16, 2020
Wine is no-no for me, so I rather whine... ;)
May 15, 2020
Not having to commute is definitely an advantage of the home office. Unfortunately, I don't have a separate room in my home that I can call my office. The other day I fled to my real office on a Sunday because it was the only way to get some quiet environment for working.

Yeah, the hardest about home office is the home schooling at the same time. Either one has to motivate or remember the kids to study on their own or one has even to teach them (depending on their age). I find that very frustrating. If I were alone in my home, I'd get so many things done. But like this...
May 15, 2020
I worked from home before, but now I have a malcontented teenager home all day to also deal with. The novelty of no school has long worn off, and the speed of the virus hitting us means that her school provision from her school is patchy at best. I think that is the most challenging part to be honest, trying to keep her spirits - and her grades - up, to stop everyone getting on each others nerves (even our cat is tired of seeing everyone at home all day), and keep sane.
May 14, 2020
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