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Motivation? How do you get it?
Many people are telling me that they're losing their motivation, mainly because of the current situation.
Basically, their motivation has got up and gone! 🧐
Do you have any tips or suggestions? (Not just for now, but in general)
What helps you jumpstart yourself?
May 14, 2020 3:01 PM
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Personally, I'm learning French for myself (I enjoy it), but also to work towards my future goals (to live and work in a French-speaking country). Keeping my goals in mind helps motivate me.

I've found that setting a regular time for lessons very helpful because then there is no choice for me. I have to do my lessons because I've booked them and since they are at the same time each day, it has become my routine. I have also found that over time they have become more enjoyable for me as my knowledge has grown. I can feel my confidence growing and this motivates me to continue.

But I just wanted to say for anyone grappling with this idea themselves: it is normal for motivation to wane and particularly during this situation when everything is different. Be kind to yourself and either take a break or find a small way to continue to engage in your learning. Adapting to this situation might mean that some things are put on hold or changed. That's totally ok. You do what you need to do for yourself. :)
May 14, 2020
I totally agree with you guys, having some goals does help. A to do list and programming breaks.
Some background music seems to be helping me more to keep going.
May 19, 2020
I completely agree with Juliana. 
Sometimes I do some exams for my self to understand how I grew. I create a mini-plan where I write approach, which I will use, and what I need to give from this through the month (or other time). If I see that I have some results, then I continue this approach, and also this motivating me. If I can't see the result then I change my education plan. 
For example, my last exam was to speak with some people only in English (it's been ridiculously but I can do this). All of this interesting and motivating me, because I always do something new that I didn't do and try to fix when I fail. 

P.S. I'm apologize for the grammar mistake, I'm work on it :) 

May 14, 2020
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May 14, 2020
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